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Want to improve your painting skills through personal guidance? 

Our Progressive Classes are designed to take your painting skills to the next level. Led by our experienced teacher, you'll learn advanced techniques and gain insights into the world of acrylic painting with personalized feedback to help you make artworks that YOU love

Our teacher has a passion for art and a gift for teaching, so you can be sure you're in good hands. She'll guide you through each step of the process, sharing tips and tricks that will help you unlock your creativity and produce paintings you never thought possible.

How does our Progressive Class work?

  • Pick between 12-class visits or 6-class visits
  • We have Progressive Class hours every Monday, Wednesday & Sunday
  • Pick the date and time that works best for you, and let us know when you'd like to come
  • Bring your own ideas and themes to the class, or choose from one of our curated themes.
  • Our teacher will guide you through each step of the painting process, sharing tips and tricks along the way.
  • Leave the studio with a finished painting or you can continue them again in the next class

Progressive Class Hours:

Every Monday & Tuesday

5 PM - 10 PM

Every Wednesday, Thursday & Sunday

10 AM - 5 PM

Our studio is located at Lotte Mall Kuningan, Jakarta. Located on the LG near Ranch Market.

Additional Information:

You can redeem your class anytime during the available hours. You are also encouraged to bring your own canvas and painting supplies. The first painting kit is on us which includes canvas and painting supplies to bring home. However, after your first visit, you can request a canvas from us or bring one of your own