Refer a Friend

Share Your Love of Art!

Tell your friends how much you enjoy Bartega events, and ask them to join! For every person who make a transaction from your referral, you'll get IDR 30.000 off coupon—and you can refer as many as you want! 

How Does It Work?


link icon 


Invite your friends to join Bartega using your unique referral link



GIVE 50.000

Friends who make a purchase at Bartega with your link will get IDR 50.000 off their first purchase. A minimum order of IDR 300.000 is required in order to activate the discount



GET 30.000

You will get IDR 30.000 off coupon each time your friends successfully make their first purchase




How to Refer a Friend:

  1. Create a Bartega account (or sign in if you already have one)
  2. Click the palette icon on the bottom right corner 
  3. You’ll see a referral link that you can copy and share to your friends 
  4. Ask your friends to create an account and make a purchase from that link. Each successful transaction of IDR 300.000 or more will give you a IDR 30.000 coupon.


What an Invitee (A Person Who Receives the Link) Should Do:

  1. Fill in your email, then click "Claim Your Gift"
    This will work only for new users. Error code will appear if you fill in an email that’s associated with an existing account.
  2. Copy and use the discount code that appears on the box. Don’t worry if you lost the code, it has been sent to your email as well!
  3. Create an account with the email you filled in in the first step
  4. Enjoy IDR 50.000 off you first order! (minimum order of IDR 300.000 is required to activate the code)


How to Track Your Rewards:

  1. Login to your account
  2. Click the Palette icon on the bottom right corner
  3. Choose “Your Rewards”
  4. You’ll see a list of coupon as a result of your friends’ transactions
  5. These coupons are valid for a minimum order of IDR 100.000 per transaction