Understand What Your
Team Values Most

Enjoy a series of creative journaling exercises that will help you get to know your team members better:

- What values they look up to
- What motivates them at work
- What their dreams and goals are

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visualize goals and values by drawing

understand what your team members are looking for in their career

encourage your team to start reaching for their goals

Feel Connected with Your Colleagues

A strong connection and empathy between your team members will not only improve your working environment, but will also boost the performance of your whole company.

Knowing what motivates your colleagues will surely help you do that, and this outcome is what we want to deliver for you.

Drawing Introduction

Past and Present

The Future

Flexible & Customizable

We want your event to be relevant. So we will discuss your goal from the event, then our creative team will handle the concept and design

No Art Experience Needed

We are not teaching you on how to draw perfectly, but more of how drawing helps you visualize and reach your goal.

This Is What Your Team Needs

Getting connected with your colleagues means so much more than ever before. And that's what we aim to deliver to your team.

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